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Beer Festival

12th Annual Beer Festival - 24th, 25th and 26th May 2019

Beer Festival Bar

Real Ales, Craft Lagers and Ciders

Live Music throughout the weekend


Real Ale Pump Clip AZACCA 4% - Ossett Brewery, Huddersfield
A single hopped pale, straw coloured session ale. High levels of bitterness, followed by flavours of citrus fruits and marmalade.

Real Ale Pump Clip AVALANCHE 4.5% - Fyne Ales, Cairndow, Scotland
This true golden ale starts with citrus hops on the nose. Well-balanced with good body and fruit balancing a refreshing hoppy taste, it finishes with a long bittersweet aftertaste.

Real Ale Pump Clip BURNT ORANGE IPA 4.5% - Wadworth Brewery, Wiltshire
A new pale ale of orange hue has a striking aroma of cut citrus peels balanced by toffee and caramel from speciality kilned malts.

Real Ale Pump Clip CALIFORNIA SUN 5.2% - Thornbridge Brewery, Derbyshire
Limited brew for May, a west coast IPA and super hoppy.

Real Ale Pump Clip CAPTAINS RESERVE 4% - George Wright Brewing Co, Rainford
Rum flavoured IPA, light in colour.

Real Ale Pump Clip CC RIDER 4.3% - Roosters Brewery, Knaresborough
Dry-hopped for your pleasure, with the aromatics dialled up to eleven, this pale is all about the hops from the US and the juicy, tropical fruit flavours.

Real Ale Pump Clip ETERNALLY GRAPEFUL 5% - Saltaire Brewery, Shipley
Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Ridgeside Brewery, Eternally Grapeful is a delicate fruit beer, showcasing a blend of subtle Hallertau Blanc and Nelson Sauvin hops with white grape juice. A light pale ale, perfectly balancing sweet and dry notes, with a wine-like character.

Real Ale Pump Clip EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE 4.5% - Acorn Brewery, Barnsley
Pale golden bitter brewed to celebrate the movies of the 70’s. Flavours of lemon citrus, orange and blackcurrant with a slight biscuit malt background.

Real Ale Pump Clip IDAHO 7 3.9% - Elland Brewery, West Yorkshire
Showcasing the Idaho 7 hop, this pale beer produces big notes of tropical fruit and citrus, think apricot, orange and papaya with a hint a black tea.

Real Ale Pump Clip ILLUMINATE 4.5% - Mad Squirrel Brewing Company, Hertfordshire
A timeless red ale, smooth and fruity, hearty and sustaining. There is complexity in its creation but simplicity in its enjoyment. It exists in a moment but is enduring in its impact. Simply put, it illuminates all around it.

Real Ale Pump Clip LEGACY 4.4% - Lacons Brewery, Great Yarmouth
Legacy, their flavoursome blonde beer offers deep flavours. The first thing that hits you is the predominant lemon and grapefruit before a burst of lemon and lime floods the senses.

Real Ale Pump Clip LOCK 16 4.3% - Banks Brewery, Wolverhampton
A stunning IPA with dark fruits and an orange hop aroma.

Real Ale Pump Clip MARTHA’S CHOCOLATE MILK STOUT 4.5% - Naylors Brewery, Keighley, West Yorkshire
Martha’s Milk Stout uses milk lactose to sweeten the brew and give real body to the pint. Full rich flavours of roasted barley and chocolate really shine through, while the lactose provide a smooth, creamy finish.

Real Ale Pump Clip MEADOW HONEY PALE 4.6% - Severn Brewing Ltd, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire
A pale, crisp blonde ale fermented with local Gloucestershire clear honey. Subtle floral and grassy notes are added from the use of British goldings hops allowing the honey flavours to shine through.

Real Ale Pump Clip PANGO 4% - Tiny Rebel, Newport
A new brew of peach and mango pale ale from this brewery.

Real Ale Pump Clip PEAKY BLINDER PALE ALE 4.3% - Sadler’s Brewery, Stourbridge
A light and refreshing pale ale brewed with English hops and barley. A gentle fruit bitterness leads to an uplifting citrus hop finish.

Real Ale Pump Clip PINK GRAPEFRUIT PALE 4.3% - Hambleton Ales, Ripon, North Yorkshire
A fruit infused version of our best selling Stud Blonde. Pale ale full of grapefruit and citrus.

Real Ale Pump Clip PINT 3.9% - Marble Brewery, Manchester
Marbles’ session ale is brewed with an all pale malt bill and then hopped with a blend of New Zealand and US hops. This benchmark beer promises a burst of zesty aromas, uplifting grapefruit flavours and a subtle lemongrass finish.

Real Ale Pump Clip PORT NELSON 4% - Small World Beers, Shelley, West Yorkshire
This NZPA showcases New Zealand’s fruity and citrusy hops balanced by the sweetness of Golden Promise barley with tropical fruit flavours in the finish.

Real Ale Pump Clip PRIDE AND JOY 5.3% - Vocation Brewery, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire
A classic, American style pale ale, crisp, very hoppy and aromatic. Robust hop flavours are layered over a balanced malty backbone. Initially soft to the palate, Pride & Joy builds to a generous, but clean bitterness. Flavours and aromas of mango, citrus, earthy pine, tropical fruit & blueberry.

Real Ale Pump Clip SESSION SERIES PALE ALE 4.2% - Hawkshead Brewery
Brewed using lager malt to create a very pale and slightly biscuit malt profile. Very clean with a soft bitterness leading to flavours and aromas of citrus and tropical fruits.

Real Ale Pump Clip SHERBET LEMON 4% - Riverhead Brewery, Huddersfield
Refreshing, pale and lemony ale. Has a light wheat character.

Real Ale Pump Clip SIRIUS DOG STAR 4.4% - Wolf Brewery, Norfolk
A complex blend of six malts makes this uniquely flavoured red ale, with a sweet liquorice malty nose. This ale is lightly hopped using American Galena and Cluster hops which gives it a smooth malty taste but has a soft fruity finish. SIBA's Overall Champion Cask Ale 2018.

Real Ale Pump Clip SOUTH2NORTH 4% - Pennine Brewing Co, Bedale, North Yorkshire
Copper beer with earthy/peaty robust flavour with a hint of spice and subtle blackcurrant.

Real Ale Pump Clip STAY PUFT 5.2% - Tiny Rebel, Newport
This marshmallow porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness, both combining for a delightful, S’mores like ale.

Real Ale Pump Clip STEEL RIDER 5.4% - Kelham Island Brewery, Sheffield
A full flavoured IPA. Dry hopped for a thunderous aroma hammered home with a juicy pallet, all the way from Valhalla.

Real Ale Pump Clip SUNNY BOY 3.8% - Big Clock Brewery, Accrington
Easy drinking blonde. Lightly bittered pale ale, with a fruity, slightly dry finish.

Real Ale Pump Clip SW19 4% – Wimbledon Brewery, London
Brewed with English, Australian and New Zealand hops for an all-round summer experience. The perfect summer beer, light straw in colour, subtle citrus notes, hints of malt and a satisfying crisp finish.

Real Ale Pump Clip THE EXPERIMENTALS 4.4% - Oakham Brewery, Peterbrough
Brand new experimental hops (that don’t have a name yet) are used to create this unique beer in pale amber colour.

Real Ale Pump Clip TVO 54 3.7% - Farm Yard Ales, Cockerham, Lancaster
This summertime blonde uses all British ingredients, with a clean and crisp malt bill, which elegantly frame the aromas from the whirlpool jester hops.

Real Ale Pump Clip TWO-FOUR 4% - Cross Bay Brewing Co, Morecambe
A maple and pecan Canadian Brown beer. Nutty on the nose with a pleasant hint of maple from the first sip. Pecan and maple syrup balance to deliver a beer that is balanced and moreish from beginning to end.

Real Ale Pump Clip WILDFLOWER 3.8% - New Wharf Brewing, Maidenhead
A lovely smooth English golden ale which is delicately hopped to form a light gentle citrus finish.

Real Ale Pump Clip WORLD TOUR 4% - Powderkeg Brewery, Salterton, Devon
A trip around the world starting in New Zealand and stopping off in Japan, America, Columbia and Slovenia before coming back to the UK with all the hops to create a light and fresh hoppy pale ale.


Pump Clip AURIC 4% - Salopian Brewery, Shrewsbury
An excessively dry hopped session IPA, with a strong grapefruit aroma and a dry body with a quenching array of fruit rind, dried pine, lemon zest sparkling over a long enveloping finish.

Pump Clip BELOW THE HEATHER 5.6% - Edinburgh Beer Factory, Edinburgh
A honey and heather scotch ale with complex malt bill that lends a delicious density to the body. Supported by waves of honey on the nose and lent a subtly different bitterness through the heather. Brewed in collaboration with The London Beer Factory.

Pump Clip KUBA 4.5% - Thornbridge Brewery, Derbyshire
Mojito Sour (Year of Beer 2019) Expect intense sourness followed by extreme gose to give it some refreshing flavours!

Pump Clip STRAWBERRY FRULI 4.1% - Ghent, Belguim
Fruli is a high quality Strawberry Belgian fruit beer, produced at a craft brewery near Ghent. It is a unique blend of white beer and strawberry juice. The juice complements the zestiness of the wheat beer and the result is a balanced and refreshing beer that is packed with strawberry fruit flavour.

Brooklyn lager is amber gold in colour and displays a firm malt centre supported by a refreshing bitterness and floral hop aroma. Caramel malts show in the finish.

Pump Clip KIRIN ICHIBAN 4.9% - Japan
Japanese lager brewed from only malt, hops and water. Unlike other beers, only the first press of the wort is used. That´s why it´s called ICHIBAN - meaning “first” and “best” in Japanese. “Ichiban Shibori” is a unique method of brewing beer at its purest from a single pure ingredient: 100% malt.


Pump Clip FLASH HARRYS 4% - Harrys Cider, Somerset
Mango and lime cider. Tasty and fresh with a citrus kick.

Pump Clip TUTTI FRUITY 4% - Abrahalls, Herefordshire
Herefordshire Cider liberally imparted with Cherry and Pineapple - exotic flavours to provide a unique tropical twist to Craft Cider.

Pump Clip WHISKEY CASK 6.9% - Thistly Cross, East Lothian
Clear golden, smooth, medium dry Scottish cider; Infused with mellow, vanilla oak of the cask; Matured for at least 6 months to give balance and smoothness.

Pump Clip MOONSHINE 7.5% - Broadoak, Somerset
Broadoak Moonshine is a crisp and clear cider with a very fruity flavour.

Pump Clip MANGO CIDER 4% - Lilley’s Cider Barn, Frome, Somerset
An Exotic sweet and smooth Apple and Mango Cider.

Pump Clip STRAWBERRY CLOUDY CIDER 4% - Rosie Pigs, Westons
Delicately dark pink in colour with a fresh strawberry aroma. Well balanced strawberry and apple flavour with added hints of elderflower.

11th Beer Festival - May 2018

Many thanks to our customers, our sponsors, the bands, the staff and the sun, for coming out every day to make the 11th Beer Festival such a success. Our favourite customer quote this year:
"A fantastic choice of beers, I don't know where to start!"

10th Beer Festival - May 2017

Another sunny weekend except for one very short cloud burst.

A big thank you to all our sponsors. Sunday 28th May 2017

It was standing room only, both inside and
outside the tent.

9th Beer Festival - May 2016

The sun shone all three days and the 9th festival was an outstanding success.

Our favourite customer quote:

"How many days is it to the next one? I can't wait"

8th Beer Festival - May 2015

Yet again, a great time was had by all and a big thank you to our sponsors

The 7th Beer Festival - May 2014

Customer comments:

"It just gets better and better"

"Good company and superb beers, what more could you want"

6th Beer Festival - May 2013

May 2013In May 2013, there were 50 pumps in the beer tent for guest ales, ciders and lagers.

Here are a few customer comments:

"Best one yet!"

"Superb atmosphere, even the sun shone for us!"

"Packed out every day - standing room only - great fun and great beers"

5th Beer Festival - June 2012

This year, our festival took place over the Jubilee weekend at the beginning of June 2012.

We had a wide selection of local and national real ales on tap, plus speciality largers and ciders.

The tent was packed all four days with fantastic drinks, food and entertainment.

place1Customer comments:

"Great atmosphere, terrific variety of beers, just fantastic fun"

"We had a superb time!"

"Can't wait for the next one"

Guest Ales

You can expect to see brews from Bowland, Moorhouses, Timothy Taylor and York Brewery served regularly at the Corporation Arms and also guest ales from local breweries such as Hambleton, Lytham, and Saltaire to name but a few.